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Innovation and energy saving Sector

Main services

Feasibility studies for the development and evaluation of wind projects, or PV energy saving:
The feasibility study includes technical and economical aspects. Starting from a consumption study, the customer’s requirements and from the assessments of the site where develop the project, the feasibility study will analyze all technical details, planning, economic and financial data about the initiative.

Due diligence:
Often we are asked to evaluate a project by providing a detailed review of all the technical aspects and possible gaps and / or improvements. Our experience in the “due diligence” thanks to our experience in the field, to the knowledge of the regulations, to the knowledge of the best materials available on the market allows us to test the technical and physical aspects of a wind farm or photovoltaic or energy savings, providing assessments useful for the client and indispensable to present a project at any Credit Institute. We evaluate the technical feasibility of a project, we examine the permissions and licenses for the construction and for connection to the network, we plan the timing of implementation, we evaluate the best materials used, we work with the client to the procurement of materials, we assist the customer in preparation of the business plan, we evaluate the cost of development, installation and operation, and we plan expiration of all operations for ensuring the success of the initiative.

Applications for funding and research grants for the implementation of projects:
This is a series of preliminary analyzes of both the project and the economic situation of the applicant to assess, together with the client, which is the most suitable credit institution to finance the initiative and what is the most suitable form of financing (lease, mortgage, project financing). RESIT has collaborated with major credit institutions, Italian and foreign, type Fineco Leasing, Leasing Carige, Leasint, Unicredit Leasing, Cariparma, Deutsche Bank for its own initiatives and on behalf of clients. RESIT also received contributions, state and community for the realization of a number of initiatives, such Filas for an innovation program, MCC Region Lazio for concessional contributions, POR Calabria 2000-2006 for grant funding for the construction of a PV 50 kW, etc …


RESIT has focused its activities in the area of development, preliminary and final design, enforceable and “as built” of plants and connection to the network works. RESIT designing wind farms and photovoltaic plants, from the study of the site and the study of radiation or wind conditions (site characterization and optimization of the layout with the use of specific software such as Nomad, WASp) the urban study and environmental constraints, to the acquisition of the terrains, the request for connection to ENEL, to the design for the Construction Authorization requests (Unique Permissions requested and obtained in regions as Calabria, Puglia, Sicily and Campania) until the executive planning and the “start up” of installations. Engaged in the design RESIT was responsible for identifying, planning and development of photovoltaic systems on terrain and on rooftops of industrial and civil buildings.
RESIT has developed on its own, in partnership or on behalf of third parties photovoltaic systems totalling 100MWp (of which approximately 60 MW today authorized) and is in the process of developing additional plants for approximately 50 MWp. RESIT developed photovoltaic projects for large Italian industrial partners (such as Sorgenia Solar, ENEL Green Power, SECI Energia società del Gruppo Maccaferri di Bologna) and European.
In the wind power industry have been applied anemometric campaigns and have been developed projects at Feroleto Antico (CZ) of 24 MWp and Capistrano (VV) of 12 MWp, with the installation of anemometers (of 50 m), and presentations of requests for authorizations to the region Calabria.

Supplies components and systems:
RESIT provides engineering services and supply PV systems “turnkey” network connected or “stand alone” with batteries, on terrains or rooftops of industrial and civil buildings. Competence, efficiency, flexibility, wide range of products, pre – and after sales assistance, are our prerogatives aimed to customer satisfaction. RESIT also provides solar street lamps for street lighting and solar installations for rural and isolated houses, as mountain huts in Trentino, countryside houses in South Italy. RESIT has also created photovoltaic caports completely modular which can be aggregated together to cover car parks of any size.

Solar farms realization:

RESIT provides engineering services and supplying of PV systems “turnkey” network connected or “stand alone” (with batteries) on terrains or rooftops of industrial buildings and for civil houses.


Supervisor of systems start up and operational check of all parts according to the design specifications.
Functional-Technical Inspection of the plants.

Management and maintenance:

RESIT performs management and maintenance activities by using its professionals and its instruments thanks to a long and proven experience in energy and environment sector and specially in design, realization and maintenance. The system must ensure, over the years, the best performance possible. RESIT can ensure coverage (H24) by an on-call service and emergency after occurrence, fault diagnosis and quick recovery of service. RESIT can install, if not already present, remote control systems of the plants. The experience allows RESIT to operate in plant highly respecting the environment and the rules of work safety in conformity with the provisions of Legislative Decree 81/08.
All RESIT employees activities are PES / ENP / PEI (electric insiders with specific training courses).
RESIT can provide also activities of Ordinary and Extraordinary Maintenance.
There must also be carried out the checks required by the Maintenance Manuals and by suppliers specifications of the key components (modules, inverters, switchgear, circuit breakers and cabins).
The manner and timing of Programmed Maintenance interventions will be agreed with the client.

Actions and adjustments:
Actions and adjustments of PV systems according to Resolution 84/12 and 243/2013 of the Authority for Electricity and Gas (AEEG), adaptations to the requirements of Annex A70 to the Network Code Terna. Work on systems and assistance to producers for the statements necessary for the certification system and the preparation of documents of additions to the Regulation of Exercise. For more information about the requirements imposed by the AEEG resolutions, please consult the documents listed on our website under the heading ‘Legislation‘ or directly on the sites of Terna and Authority:
– Resolution AEEG 84/2012/R/EEL, (, in Atti e provvedimenti >> Provvedimenti)
– Resolution AEEG 243/2013/R/EEL, (, in Atti e provvedimenti >> Provvedimenti)
– Allegato A70 al Codice di rete di Terna, (, in Sistema elettrico >> Codice di Rete).

– Resolution AEEG ARG/elt 198/11 (TIQE 2012-2015) (, in Atti e provvedimenti >> Provvedimenti).

Solar power plants

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Facts and Figures

100 MWp

…the total power of the installations to which we do maintenance

120 MWp

…the power of the plants developed since 2006

150 plants built

…and we certainly don’t want
to stop

1.000.000 tons

…of CO2 (carbon dioxide)


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